Friday, 3 February 2012

Wedding Shower Present Idea

Hey guys,

I had a spare 30 minutes between lectures today so i decided to sit down and create a new piece with some new charms i found. I decided to make a 'Just Married' necklace. I haven't seen any of these on the market and thought it'd make a cute and quirky present for either the wedding itself (for the bride) or as a small present for a wedding shower. As per usual the chain length can be however long you decide and it is fully customisable so if you would rather have initials not hearts this can also be arranged. This piece is available now for just £1.50 plus postage just click the shop link to the left.


  1. hi emma i was wondering if u could make a necklace with 'Mrs B' on it ? x

    1. Hi,

      I could definately do that for you!
      If you email me on or the link at the top of the blog and say what colour length and if you would like any hearts etc

      I'll get in touch asap with you.