Friday, 17 February 2012

Bambi And Hearts

New piece...
Ebay is playing up so unable to list these next few pieces - however if you want to purchase any of these just leave a comment below.

The first is this antique brass bracelet. It has a centered baby deer charm surrounded by matching hearts. This piece is priced at £1.50 (+P&P).

Next piece is this antique brass elephant pendant. This is priced at £1.50 (+P&P).

The final new piece is this beautiful silver double chain. The top layer has 3 hearts, and underneath is a mini Eiffel tower charm. This necklace is priced a little higher at £2.50 (+P&P), but i think it is totally worth it!

As always if you have a particular piece in mind but don't see on here - send me an email, i can try and make you what your after! My email is at the top of the blog. Also if you have seen something on here that has sold - but you wanted to buy it also let me know and i can see what i can do for you!

Emma x x x 

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